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Free postage for all products
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100% Pure natural gemstone
Choose your horoscope gems

Choose your horoscope gems

The date of birth determines your zodiac sign, and understanding it enables us to delve deeper into ourselves. Through the zodiac, you can also discover your own destined gemstone, allowing the beauty of these precious stones to accompany you through all four seasons.

We have compiled a simple guide for selecting gemstones based on the 12 zodiac signs, helping you take the first step into the world of gemstone healing.

Choose your horoscope gems

Aries 3.21~4.19

✦ Zodiac Attribute: Fire Sign

✦Corresponding Gemstones: Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine


Aries individuals are adventurous, energetic, and proactive, always ready to take on challenges. They approach everything with full dedication, and their straightforward and sincere nature gives off a passionate vibe, making them the center of attention.

On the adventurous journey, Aries is best suited for red gemstones, enhancing vitality and energy. Amethyst and citrine, symbolizing wisdom and wealth, are also suitable for Aries, helping to enhance intuition, dispel negativity, and improve overall luck.


Taurus | 4.20~5.20


✦ Zodiac Attribute: Earth Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Green Tourmaline, Citrine, Aquamarine


Taurus individuals are reliable, grounded, and patient, displaying a steadfast and determined nature. With their gentle and loyal demeanor, Taureans exhibit unwavering determination and perseverance when it comes to making decisions, never easily giving up. Driven by a desire for material satisfaction, they work diligently and steadily to achieve their goals.

As the most conservative and steady individual, you benefit from the positive energy brought by Green Tourmaline, attracting good luck and the presence of helpful people. When combined with the confidence brought by Citrine and Aquamarine, it enhances your financial fortune, allowing you to feel a sense of abundance from within and outward prosperity.


Gemini | 5.21~6.21

Zodiac Attribute: Air Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Citrine, Aquamarine, Labradorite


Gemini individuals are clever, sociable, humorous, youthful, and lively. They possess keen observational skills, intricate thinking, and a strong curiosity and desire for knowledge. Simultaneously, they enjoy seeking novelty and change, always hoping to infuse life with fun and freshness.

Allow Labradorite to assist you, who has a high sensitivity to new things, in quickly absorbing new knowledge. Let Aquamarine add momentum to your expressive nature, reinforcing your self-assurance, and complement the confidence energy brought by Citrine.


♋Cancer | 6.22~7.22

Zodiac Attribute: Water Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Rose Quartz


Cancer individuals possess rich emotions and compassion, along with intuition and imagination. With their protective and sympathetic nature, gentle Cancers bring warmth and care to others. Their delicate thoughts and considerate personality, always putting themselves in others' shoes, make Cancers easily become trusted figures within a group.

Cancer individuals are always inclusive, and as someone with a strong sense of empathy, you may benefit from the healing energy of Moonstone. Clear Quartz can assist in balancing your mind and body, maintaining emotional stability. Additionally, let Rose Quartz soften your aura, making others more inclined to get closer to you.


♌Leo | 7.23~8.22

Zodiac Attribute: Fire Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Sunstone, Obsidian, Olivine


Leo individuals are generous and compassionate, creative, warm, and possess leadership qualities. They naturally exude a royal demeanor, showcasing strength and reliability. With a strong sense of justice and leadership abilities, Leos often find themselves in commanding roles, presenting their best selves and earning the trust and reliance of others.

Behind the passion of a Leo, there may be hidden insecurities and loneliness stemming from a fear of inadequacy. Obsidian works to dispel negative emotions, while Sunstone and Olivine bring positive energy and inner tranquility, helping you rediscover confidence and vitality.


♍Virgo | 8.23~9.22

Zodiac Attribute: Earth Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone


Virgo individuals are humble, shy, meticulous, and trustworthy. They are practical, hardworking, intelligent, and adept at analysis. Virgos may sometimes exhibit traits such as perfectionism, conservatism, being overly critical, and demanding. With a strong desire for knowledge and a critical spirit, if utilized effectively, they can create remarkable achievements in their endeavors.

 The perfectionist in you can benefit from Moonstone to ease your tense emotions and personality. Rose Quartz simultaneously adds a sense of warmth, making it easier for others to approach you. Amethyst brings tranquility and elegance, allowing your mood to brighten up.


Libra | 9.23~10.22

Zodiac Attribute: Air Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Citrine, Obsidian, Garnet


Libra individuals are diplomatic, romantically charming, easygoing, and idealistic. They possess strong analytical and logical abilities, seeking balance and harmony in all aspects of life. In interpersonal relationships, they tend to maintain a rational and neutral attitude, considering others' perspectives and avoiding conflicts. However, at times, they may exhibit indecisiveness, opting for excessive compromise to avoid confrontations.

Libra individuals always strive to maintain balance and harmony in everything, but excessive emphasis on this can lead to indecisiveness. In such situations, Citrine can help you become more decisive, Obsidian can eliminate negative energy, and Garnet can protect you from external influences.


Scorpio | 10.23~11.21

Zodiac Attribute: Water Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Aquamarine, Garnet, Labradorite


Scorpio individuals are intense, focused, passionate, and determined. Beneath the calm exterior of a Scorpio lies a fiery heart. They have clear-cut emotions, coupled with strong executive abilities and resilience. While possessing a strong self-awareness, they also understand how to care for others. Being highly emotional, Scorpios can be quite passionate, yet at times, they may exhibit stubbornness and a tendency towards suspicion.

As someone with strong self-awareness, you are akin to the fiery Garnet, vibrant and full of vitality. You may benefit from the assistance of Aquamarine to help you strengthen your self-determination, while Labradorite can bring calmness and mental clarity, aiding in reducing mental tension.


♐Sagittarius | 11.22~12.21

Zodiac Attribute: Fire Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Amethyst, Olivine, Clear Quartz


Sagittarius individuals are enthusiastic, optimistic, free-spirited, and knowledgeable. They love to travel and explore the spiritual aspects of life. Friendly and generous in their approach to friends, their nature cherishes freedom, and they resist being bound by anything. Full of curiosity and drive for new things, they also have a passion for seeking the truth in matters.

As an action-oriented individual, you always manage to quickly find your goals. At this point, Amethyst can help you swiftly gain the support of strength and wisdom. The positive energy of Olivine ensures a smooth and safe journey ahead, while Clear Quartz allows your restless soul to regain calmness and stability.


Capricorn | 12.22~1.19

Zodiac Attribute: Earth Sign

Corresponding Gemstones: Smoky Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Garnet


 Capricorn individuals are practical and cautious, ambitious yet disciplined, patient, and meticulous. They approach everything with a desire for thorough preparation before taking action. Possessing perseverance and endurance, they exhibit a "never give up" attitude, steadily progressing over time and continuously improving to achieve their goals. However, at times, they may develop a dogmatic mindset.

Smoky Quartz shares the same resolute beliefs as Capricorn, who seeks to approach each task with caution and precision. However, don't forget to occasionally set aside stubbornness. Let Tiger's Eye soften your personality, while Garnet brings harmony and happiness to your interpersonal relationships.


♒Aquarius 1.20~2.18

✦ Zodiac attributes: Air sign

✦ Corresponding gemstones: Amethyst, Obsidian, Aquamarine


Aquarius is endowed with a personality that is friendly, honest, loyal, and flexible. They possess a free-spirited soul, carrying out tasks with a distinctive personal touch, often making others feel that they are unconventional. Simultaneously, they are also typical idealists with a revolutionary spirit.

In this way, what you need is amethyst and aquamarine to help stimulate your ideas and increase confidence in conversation. At the same time, obsidian can also protect your spiritual energy, bringing purification and healing, allowing you to freely wander in the world of imagination.


♓Pisces | 2.19~3.20

✦ Zodiac attributes: Water sign

✦ Corresponding gemstones: Aquamarine, Peridot, Amethyst


Pisces individuals always give the impression of being delicate and sensitive, possessing a considerable amount of empathy. They are adept at accepting the differences in others and often indulge in the world they construct for themselves. This zodiac sign is quite romantic and idealistic. People born under Pisces are often imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, and selfless.

For someone as delicate and sensitive as you, let peridot soothe your emotions. While attaining emotional tranquility, you can also pair it with amethyst to aid in reflection and insight. As a Pisces, you can draw energy from the ocean through aquamarine, bringing courage and confidence into your life.


Since ancient times, colored gemstones have been believed to possess inherent magic, capable of endowing the wearer with certain special abilities. Each zodiac sign has its own independent personality, as well as its own lucky colors and lucky numbers. Wearing a gemstone associated with one's own zodiac sign can enhance one's aura accordingly.
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