Join and cooperate

1、Financial Support
All potential franchise partners are required to have sufficient financial support to meet the capital requirements for store establishment, inventory procurement, and operational needs. Minimum investment amount: [5000].

2、Knowledge of Crystals and Gemstones
We welcome franchise partners who possess knowledge of crystals and gemstones. Prospective partners must have a certain level of understanding or passion for materials, quality, design, and the basic manufacturing processes.

3、Partnership for Companies and Individuals
Both individuals and companies are eligible to apply for franchise partnerships. For companies, relevant company documents and qualifications must be provided to ensure legality and financial stability. For individuals, certain personal information and background verification are required.

4、Brand Values and Positioning
"Own Rare" is a high-end brand that emphasizes quality, unique design, and sustainability. Franchise partners must understand and be willing to align with our brand image.
We expect franchise partners to meet our requirements concerning quality, design, sustainability, and other aspects to ensure product and service consistency.

5、Training and Support
We will provide a training program to ensure that new franchise partners have a good understanding of our products, sales strategies, and brand values.
Support channels will be established, such as phone, email, or online resources, to address partner inquiries and provide assistance.

6、Intellectual Property and Brand Control
Our intellectual property and brand are protected, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Franchise partners must adhere to our guidelines, including the use of brand identifiers, sales channels, and advertising regulations, to maintain the brand image.

7、Contracts and Legal Affairs
We recommend franchise partners to seek legal advice to ensure the protection of both parties' interests.
Contracts will be formulated, specifying the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, including revenue sharing, supply chain agreements, and termination terms.

8、Performance Assessment and Goal Setting
We will periodically review the performance of franchise partners and set joint sales targets.
We provide incentive measures such as bonuses or discounts to encourage franchise partners to achieve these goals.

9、Customer Relations and Support
We offer customer support to handle complaints, returns, and other customer issues.
We encourage franchise partners to actively engage with customers to build loyalty and reputation.

10、Sustainability and Social Responsibility
We encourage franchise partners to participate in sustainability initiatives and social responsibility projects to enhance the brand's reputation.

If you are ready, please contact us directly by email