About customization

1. Return and Exchange Policy
All customized products are strictly non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Since each customized product is made to specific customer requirements, we are unable to resell or reutilize these items and, therefore, cannot accept return or exchange requests.

2. Customization Timeline
The production timeline for customized products will vary based on the complexity of the design, crafting requirements, and the current level of production activity. We will negotiate and determine the production timeline in consultation with the customer and our design and production teams, providing estimated timeframes upon order acceptance.

3. Pricing
The price of customized products will depend on the customer's specific requirements and the level of customization. Different designs, materials, and special requests may impact the final product's price. We will provide detailed price quotes and breakdowns to ensure customers have a clear understanding of costs.

4. Product Alterations
The extent of alterations to customized products will be based on customer requests and product nature. Customized products valued at less than $69 may be subject to limitations to ensure that customer needs are met within reasonable boundaries.

5. Custom Design Collaboration
The customization process will involve active collaboration between the customer and our design and production teams. Customers should articulate their requirements, preferences, and any special needs clearly to jointly determine the optimal design solution.

6. Custom Product Acceptance
Customers should inspect customized products upon receipt to ensure that they meet their expectations. If any manufacturing defects or deviations from customization requirements are identified, please contact us promptly for resolution.

7. Custom Order Payment
Customized product orders typically require upfront payment or a deposit. Orders will be processed upon receipt of payment. Payment methods and policies will be discussed and confirmed with the customer in advance.

8. Protecting Intellectual Property
Custom design may involve issues related to intellectual property and design rights. We will ensure respect for the customer's and designers' intellectual property and may request relevant authorization or licensing.

9. Changes and Cancellations
Custom orders may be subject to limitations on changes or cancellations once confirmed, with specific provisions contingent upon the order status and production progress. Customers are encouraged to contact us in advance to understand policies and potential charges.

10. Communication and Customer Satisfaction
We prioritize communication with customers to ensure their needs are fully met. We strive to deliver high-quality customized products and encourage proactive customer feedback for continuous service and product improvement.
The above rules and guidelines will help clarify the policies related to customized products, ensuring that customers understand their rights and responsibilities and helping you provide high-quality customized product services.